Home Section
The alternative pages of this template are linked by the left navigation bar and are contained in the scrollable Page object Page2. This template includes no pictures, so you can change any color of any object.

The navigation bar is also included in the Presets (Tools | Presets). Note that the first and the last entry in the navigation bar have round corners and thus use different styles than the others. So if you reorder links in the navigation bar, you have to choose the correct styles to use (configurable in the Use field of the Main tab). Choose among Link9, Link3 and Link10.

The second stylesheet contains a style for the section headings.
There is also a version of this template using a frameless layout.
The following steps explain, how to convert this template into a frameless layout:
  1. Select object index (the outermost object) and set Show Scrollbars to auto. If now the content is bigger than the browser window (represented by the outermost object), scrollbars are shown.
  2. Select object PageControl1, copy it into the clipboard (Ctrl-C) and delete it (select "Yes" if a confirmation dialog appears; this is due to that the links on the left side still reference the pages which will be deleted together with the page control).
  3. Now delete the object Page2. We don't need this scrollable container object any more.
  4. Select Panel5 and paste the objects from the clipboard into it (Ctrl-V). Position one page to appear under the Welcome message, all other hidden pages are set to the same position.
  5. Select Panel5, go to the Pos tab and uncheck Bottom parent edge. This was responsible for resizing the height when the browser window's height changed. But now the height shall only adapt to different heights of the contained alternative pages. Finally set the height big enough to include the currently visible Page object.